You found Rob Milton's Illustration portfolio!

Whether you need a promotional poster designed for your next gig, you want a rad surfer illustration on your T-shirt line, you need a logo for the next big company, or you've got a kids story or adult comic that just has to been drawn; Rob Milton has you covered.

Family Fun Day Poster

"Family Fun Day Poster" - Rob Milton - 2013

After the floods of 2013, many people jumped in to help out; this fundraiser was put together to collect toys for the kids that lost theirs. Rob Milton volunteered to design this poster for the event.

Leather Safari branding

"Leather Safari Branding" - Rob Milton - 2013

Leather Safari, a company out of Hong Kong hired Rob Milton to create it’s Logo, word mark, and an illustration to be used for their Facebook page cover photo. The logo was turned into a brand and put onto the leather products they create.

Life with a Moe 1 life with a moe 3life with a moe 2 life with a moe 4

"Life with a Moustache; Advice from an Artist with a Moustache" - Self Promotion - Movember 2014

In the past few years, Movember has become a popular month long event. Here are a few examples from a series I created to promote my art and create some more hype around the event.

snowboarders illustration

"Korporal Snowboarders" - Rob Milton - 2010

“Snowboarders” was an Illustration done for Korporal Clothing to be put on T-Shirts and other clothing. It was designed so the turquoise could be changed out for different coloured clothing and still match the illustrated snowboarders clothing.

Vernon Freestyle Fencing Branding

"Okanagan Freestyle Fencing" - Rob Milton - 2010

The logo was designed for Vernon Freestyle Fencing, and redesigned later as “Okanagan Freestyle Fencing”. It was essential that the logo work as a patch to put on the Fencers jacket, and be designed so other patches could be added as they gained acknowledgments.

Grindrod Centenial Poster

"Grindrod Centennial Poster " - Rob Milton - 2010

Every year the town of Grindrod BC has a festival with various activities. This poster was used to advertise their Centennial Grindrod Days around the town.