Need a unique gift?

You have come to the right place. Rob Milton can draw a caricature portrait of your family member, friend, or hey, even you. It can be a simple face shot in black and white, a coloured picture with a fun theme, or a quirky scene with multiple characters. Caricatures make a great souvenir or gift, for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or Valentines. Hang it on your wall or use it as your profile picture! Take a look below for samples. If you've decided ordering one sounds like a great idea, shoot Rob an email for more details.

Caricature "Faster and Faster"

"Faster and Faster" - 2015 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

I’m often asked to make caricatures for retirement gifts, such as this one.

retirement caricature

Caircature done for a retirement gift - 2014 - Rob Milton- Ink and Digital

A caricature is one of the most customizable gifts you can get for your friends! I can work with your ideas, or come up with some new ones.

caricature of Stewart Wilson

"Stewart Wilson" Caricature - 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Golf's up!

George Brookman Carcaitures

"The Kind of Kensington" Caricature - 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Another retirement gift.

caricature of fencing coaches

Caricature of fencing coaches - 2014 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

The focus of this caricature was the two coaches. Though the students resemblance wasn’t as important, having the team was important to show that the men are coaches.

caricature of fencing coaches

Coach Matt - 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

This picture was used for promotion for the fencing club.

Nexen HR Team Caricature

"Nexen HR Team" - 2012 - Rob Milton - Ink and digital

A coloured caricature like this could make a great gift for each member of your team too!

"Thanks again for the great drawing! Everyone loved it! It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate that you were patient with our frequent changes and special wishes! The result was fab!"
-Natalie King, Executive Assistant-Human Resources, Nexen

Transformers Fans

"Trans Formers Fans" - 2015 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Each member of the Nexen team attending the meeting got a caricature of them similar to this one.

valentines caricature

"Valentines Caricature"- 2015 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

You can surprise your lovely one on any special day!

OOPS! Caricature

"F12-Xcel Caricature"- 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Getting a caricature for your team is a great way to promote morale.

Triatholon Carcaitures

Triathlon Caricature - 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Get drawn doing your favourite sport.

Triatholon Carcaitures

"T.K. Family Caricature" - 2015 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

A man decided to commission this piece for his hope to be fiance.