A collection of thought's

Here is a collection of personal pieces created by Rob Milton. If you like this style, and want a piece on your wall, or an illustraion of this style for your publication, let Rob know. Contact Rob to purchase one of the originals below.

From the mind of Rob:

Sometimes I’ll get an interesting concept in my head that I just need to draw like a surfer riding a “brain wave”. I want people to stop, look at the pieces and say “why did he do that” and interpret the piece to answer their own question. Other times an experience will provoke an emotion of wonder, or amazement, or loss and I want to capture that moment!

girl surfing illustration

"Surfer Girl" - 2014 - Ink on Wooden Board - 18 by 24 inches

Continuing with my new love of surfing, I created this piece. I wanted it to have a nostalgic surf poster feel.

Chaotic Surfer

"Chaotic Surfer" - 2015 - Ink on Wooden Board - 48 by 24 Inches

Watching someone surf, you may think many falls off the board would make for an unsuccessful day. But for a surfer, it’s just part of the excitement, plunging into the water, tossed out of your equilibrium, fighting for direction, fighting to hold your breath till a break in the wave. And occasionally you come up only to find another wave upon you pushing you back into the chaos.

Lost Surfer Illustration

"The Lost Surfer; A Wait on The Lake" - 2014 - Ink - 11 by 8.5 Inches

Far from the coast, and feeling a little lost, I can't help but think my feelings influenced this piece, and the series that grew out of this concept. I went on a platypus tour in Australia and thought “Searching for a Platypus is like a surfer looking for the perfect wave”. The scenery is based on photo’s I took of Forrest Lake, in Forrest, Australia.

Into The Snow Illustration

"The Lost Surfer; Covered In Snow" - 2015 - Ink on Wooden Board - 18" by 14"

Feeling a connection with the first “The Lost Surfer”, I decided to continue the series with some scenery a little closer to home in Alberta.

Lost Surfer Illustration

"The Lost Surfer; Skate Park" - 2015 - Ink on Wooden Board - 18" by 24"

Maybe you recognize this Calgary land mark, a good place for the lost surfer.

Lost Surfer Illustration

"The Lost Surfer; Into the Prairies" - 2015 - Ink on Wooden Board - 24" by 18"

Sometimes when you feel lost, the road can feel like it never ends.

Lost Surfer Illustration

"The Lost Surfer; A Lift Up The Hill" - 2015 - Ink on Wood - 18" by 24"

With this instalment of The Lost Surfer, I wanted to go a little simpler in the design.

Lost Surfer Illustration

"The Lost Surfer; Cactus In The Sand" - 2015 - Ink on Wood - 8" by 10"

I stood in the sand, bare feet letting the sun warm my toes. Unfortunately the reminder of the beach was crushed by the sight of a flowering cactus.

Mermaid Illustration

"Mermaid" - 2012 - Ink on Wooden Board - 24" by 36"

I use to like asking people what super power people would like to have, and one lady told me she would like to be able to turn into a mermaid.

Love is Where the Wind Blows Illustration

"Love is Where The Wind Blows" - 2013 - Ink on Wooden Board - 28" by 22"

I wanted to create a visual metaphor using the phrase “Love is where the wind blows”. The two red balloons, should they ever meet, will create a heart shaped image.

Surf Tainan Illustration

"Surf Tainan" - 2012 - Ink on Wooden Board - 14.5" by 12"

While I was in Tainan, Taiwan I was determined to go surfing. I went out to the beach, found a group of surfers then found out there was no surf shop to rent from. The man in the painting was nice enough to lend me his board and teach me how to do it. I later learnt that it was not a surf board but a skim board. Sunset Platform, the beach I was at, was well known for the beautiful sunset you could see from the sand.

JeJu Island Illustration

"Jeju Island" - 2012 - Ink on Wooden Board - 14.5" by 12"

During my Trip to Jeju, Korea I got asked to do a painting depicting my impression of the island. After a tour that took me half way around the island I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to include. The beautiful green water that complemented the orange sand it rode up on, the high cliffs, the volcano that rests after the hard work of building the island, and the waterfall leaping down into a canyon in the middle of the forest. Jeju is truly beautiful and worth visiting.

Brain Wave Illustration

"Brain Wave" - 2011 - watercolour - 9" by 12"

I know, I know, another surfing painting? This piece was inspired by the figure of speech “Brain Wave”. Not only is this man having a brain wave, but he is remembering his days of youth that he spent on the surf.

Head in the Clouds painting

"Head In The Clouds" - 2011 - Ink on Wooden Board - 33" by 12"

Some people are just born dreaming.